Stalwarts of the Egyptian electronic music scene, Bikya are one of the most respected bands around, a band’s band if you will, a musician’s band. That doesn’t render them inaccessible in the slightest, far from it; they’re an audio treat if there ever was one, in addition to their pushing-boundaries dial being set to overdrive.

The good stuff is served up by Maurice Louca on various keys, guitar and synths , Mahmoud Waly on bass and synth and Mahmoud Refat of the 100 Copies record label on drums, percussion and synth. But with this band it would be highly reductive to solely identify them by instrumentation, they all wear various hats.

Their eponymous debut album was released in 2007, but sounds like it was produced just yesterday. Trying to describe it would not be doing it the requisite justice, it’s best to hear it, with Nameless and Rokab in particular being standout tracks. They’re currently in the process of recording a follow up album. In the interim Maurice Louca has released a solo album, Garraya (Late and Half-Tooth are firm favourites at Dandin towers), with a follow up also in the works and Mahmoud Refat has more solo albums than even he himself remembers, in addition to his prolific production work under the 100 Copies umbrella.

Bikya on Dandin

Maurice Louca on Dandin

Mahmoud Refat on Dandin here and here



  1. […] We wrap things up with the one track on the list that isn’t hip hop and needs a bit of an introduction. Initially an Arabic reworking of the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams by Mohamed Mansour entitled Ahlamna El Helwa, this version is a Dubstep remix done by Mahmoud Refat of the 100 Copies record label and Bikya. […]


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