Today marks the 68th anniversary of Al-Nakba, the day that commemorates the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland after the 1948 war, a continued displacement which painfully continues till this very day. We were however uplifted by the fact that Jordanian band Autostrad played a show in Ramallah a few days ago, something we’d be delighted to see more of from the region’s musicians in the future. Storming crowd too by the looks of it in this terrific fan selfie.


Another anniversary popped up this week involving Egyptian band Darwasha Project, which celebrated its fourth year of super distortion and oriental flavorings with a gig at Room Art Space in downtown Cairo last week. And they were having a proper go at it even during the sound check.

If you’re in Cairo this week, don’t miss the Cairotronica Closing Concert which will see the second installment of the Mapping Possibilities series, a collaborative endeavor between the visual wizards of Alchem Studio and a long list of Egypt’s most prominent electronic musicians. This time around it’ll be in tandem with music from 1127 and Ismael.

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