Mapping Possibilities

It’s become de rigueur for solo electronic music performers to align their audio sets with some sort of visual component while onstage, but attendees of the Cairotronica closing concert last week were privy to something similar but considerably ramped up. The second instalment of the Mapping Possibilities series was another marriage of musical performance with visual mapping provided by the people behind Alchem Studio.

First up was C 3 1 S 3 9, which bands together producer 1127 and Islam Shabana, who created an interlocked audio/visual performance where both elements affected each other through the use of a technique of manipulating real-time images via brain waves. This was followed by Ismael and Nurah Farahat who together created a tripped-out slightly dystopic journey that was actually quite lovely to follow.


Continuing this extremely heartening phenomenon of musicians from the local Egyptian electronic music scene releasing albums via record labels from all over the world, Rami Abadir will be releasing his upcoming album ‘14122012’ via DMT Records on May 25th. We were lucky to get a sneak preview and it’s a stylistic departure from his previous work, its sonically quite varied and also introduces an ambient element on some tracks, along with some great sounding rhythms on others. Additionally, fellow electronic muso Mostafa Onsy has also joined the fray, and will release his very excellent album ‘225mg’ through the Schematic label very soon.


To Beirut now where Alexandrian behemoths Massar Egbari played a show at Metro Al Madina with some guest replacements. Sitting on the drums for that particular show was the hugely talented Samo Eltaweal, who usually mans the sticks for Alexandrian indie bands Telepoetic and, more recently, Disorder. Seems these coastal city types have each others’ back. Also helping out on the bass was Hameed Sabry from Soopar Lox and many other local bands.

massar egbari

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