Music Videos of the Middle East

We hear them more than we see them, but musicians of the Middle East don’t shy away from the visual medium, often composing tracks especially for the format that might not necessarily be released elsewhere. Here are a selection of music videos released around the turn of this year.

Sada That – Laffa: The band formerly known as Egoz announced a name change to coincide with their first music video, done for the song Laffa. An EP is right around the corner, in audio this time.

Shady Ahmed – Ouda: Local folk artist Shady Ahmed took this Hameed El Sha’ery classic and filmed the video predominantly in the leafy Cairo suburb of Maadi.

Dawsha Ft. KV – Scream: Rapper Dawsha teamed up with rock band KV on this anthemic tune, partly filmed at Vibe Studio in Cairo.

Alsarah & The Nubatones – 3roos Elneel: The second single from new album Manara was released last December, following in the footsteps of the equally delightful debut Ya Watan.

Anas Arabi – Lil Khatiqa Taqwa: Gulf-based Syrian Hip Hop artist Anas Arabi released this video last November, only a few months after his appearance in another  video for the collaborative track Fasla.






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