Album Alerts – New Releases on the Horizon

We're coming up to the festive season here in the Mideast and with it are glad musical tidings in the form of a spate of new album releases.


It's been quite a month for music performances in the Middle East, with regional artists gigging both at home and abroad.

Syrian Orchestra & Damon Albarn in Europe

It's still Ramadan in the Middle East but Europe is gearing up for the summer festival season.

Rap Dailies

New Hip Hop video series out of Beirut and live visual manipulations taking place in Cairo.


The last edition of Dandin Digest before everybody hunkers down for the hot and Holy month is one of return.

Digital Airwaves

In an effort to bolster nascent and predominantly counterculture music scenes, musicians must now wear many hats.

Mapping Possibilities

Attendees of the Cairotronica closing concert last week were privy to considerably ramped up audio-visual experience.


Autostrad play Palestine and the Cairotronica festival closes with an apt concert.

Spring In Your Step

It’s still festival season in the Mideast. Here's what's going on.

Epic Festivals, Epic Production

Festival season is upon us, so it's time to leave the city and check out some live music.

Borderlands – Naima Shalhoub & The NAMENA Project

Lebanese-American singer Naima Shalhoub released her new EP 'Borderlands' as part of the NAMENA Project in Beirut. The EP follows her 2015 debut album...

Video: The Out Of Nations Story

See the story of the Berlin-based band, a veritable potpourri of nationalities and styles.
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