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A happy (Orthodox) Easter to you all. Known in Egypt as Sham El Nessim, the public holiday has in recent years been repurposed by some to host various music festivals across the country, from Marsa Alam to Sinai and everywhere in between. This year was no different, with Oshtoora taking place in Fayoum, the 3alGanoob Festival in Tondoba Bay and the Safe&Sound Festival in Dahab. What warmed the cockles of the heart was the first live performance in Egypt of the ‘Arab Bass Dropper’ himself, Hello Psychaleppo at Oshtoora. There had been previous attempts to do so but his Egyptian fanbase finally managed to get a glimpse of the man himself in Fayoum.

In the Egyptian capital resides a team of music producers of epic proportions. Formed by  Hussein Sherbini and Mahmoud Shiha initially alongside Ismail Hosny, Epic101 Studios has become the temple of learning for music production courses, especially in the local electronic music scene due to Epic’s focus on Ableton Live. Many of Cairo’s local musicians have taken the Epic course, and not just those who make glitchtastic ambient soundscapes.

Epic will take things up several notches with the introduction of new courses and new lecturers, with too-many-hats-to-mention luminary Zuli from Vent giving an introductory class in Ableton Live and Hazem Beltagui giving a Creative Process Master Class. And to cover the visual element, they are also launching a Live Visuals/Projection Mapping course, what with visuals having become a relevant accompanying art form to many a live performance. Further details can be found on the Epic website.

Finally, if you’re in Cairo head out to the Mada Market event in the Fish Garden this Saturday for a bevy of delights and a look at some of the most cutting edge vendors in the country. There’s a lot of music-related activities to boot, including a curated playlist of music from our very own platform which will kickstart the day.

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