The last edition of Dandin Digest before everybody hunkers down for the hot and Holy month is one of return, firstly for the prodigal sons and daughters of the Mideast independent music scene, but also for the people behind it.

Firstly we have the return of the multifaceted Youssra El Hawary after a temporary hiatus with new song El-Alam (The Flag)  accompanied by the talented Saz player Abdallah Abozekry. It’s a return to form and happily features input from longtime collaborator Salam Yousry.  The song revolves around notions of patriotism (or to be more specific, jingoism) that are inherent in that ultimate symbol of patriotic fervour, the national flag. We’ve got our fingers crossed for more on the way.

A year after the release of his album Electro Chaabi, musician and Epic101 cofounder Hussein Sherbini  has released a special Producer Edition replete with instrument and sample packs for free, which you can download here. Comprising a cross section of the percussive elements, synth sounds and vocals that made up the sonics of the album, the producer edition is a treasure trove that is rife for remixing and sampling by other musicians, especially acolytes of Ableton Live. It’s a lovely gesture from a very talented and generous artist.

Electro chaabi

From those who make music to those who make it happen. CNN’s African Voices has just aired an in-depth interview with the ever affable Yehia El Khachab (Tito), the man who for years has been hosting festivals, club nights and concerts alongside his team via vehicles such as Nacelle, and more recently Funk N Pop. They have been a mainstay of Egypt’s club nightlife for a long time, and a lot of hard work is made to look very easy. Watch the interview here and note the striking resemblance to Roger Waters. Tito

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