Dandin has been anglicised (and other things)

We’re pleased to be rolling out a new iteration of our website. Chief amongst the changes is that Dandin can now also be perused in English, and you can navigate the site in the language of your choice. This is to ensure that the music and other audio formats we host can be accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

There’s also been a general design overhaul, in addition to the incorporation of our written section onto the website proper. Follow this section, now titled ThreeFour, for in-depth features on Dandin artists and reviews of their releases, as well as updates to the site. The kind of topics covered by 3/4 will also be expanded to encompass other facets of the creative arts, and anything else we find interesting.

Also new to the website is the Gig Center, which will be a mechanism to connect musicians and venues. More details can be found here. And stay tuned as we enter the world of video-making in collaboration with some of the region’s most talented visual artists. More details will be announced soon.

Over the past two and some years since the launch of Dandin, the aim has always been to highlight the hugely divergent and rather exhilarating music being made by a new generation of artists emerging from the Middle East. This hasn’t changed. At the heart of all this are the musicians and the music that they make. We hope you derive as much pleasure from it as we do.


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