Dandin Show: Tarab

Classic stylings inform the latest episode of the Dandin Show, which is all about modern takes on the traditional sounds that are resonant here. Combined, the five track selection offers a mix of strong vocals, virtuoso instrument playing and searing lyrics.

The show begins with Fayrouz Karawya lending her voice to the writings of the tenth-century Sufi poet Mansur  Al-Hallaj on Katabt Wa Lam Aktub ‘I Wrote and I Didn’t Write’ before moving on to Fahed Riachi’s sweetly melancholic ode to his native country Lebanon Shu Me’alaqni Feek ‘What Binds Me To You’.

The first instrumental selection follows with Mohamed Sawwah’s reworking of Mohamed El Asabgy’s Zekrayaty ‘My Memories’ on the trumpet. Up next is another great voice, Shereen Abdo, with Betghany Li Mein ‘Who Are You Singing To?’ The show concludes with the violinist Andrew Atef Mories and an original composition titled Zekrayat Ragel Aguz ‘Memories of an Old Man’.

Hear the Dandin Show: Tarab

Separate Track List:

Katabt Wa Lam Aktub – Fayrouz Karawya

Shu Me’alaqni Feek – Fahed Riachi

Zekrayaty – Mohamed Sawwah

Betghany Li Mein – Shereen Abdo

Zekrayat Ragel Aguz – Andrew Atef Mories 


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