Introducing the Dandin Gig Center for connecting musicians

The Gig Center is the latest addition to Dandin, an avenue where musicians and venues can connect for live performance opportunities.

In order for there to be a thriving music scene in any given locale there needs to be an appropriate number of venues, concerts and other events where music is performed to an audience. And while music exists in recorded form and that is how we mainly hear it, it is throughlive performance that many musicians hone their talent, making the gig an integral part of the musical process.

To this end Dandin has created a new section of the website, which is the Gig Center. This is an avenue for connecting musicians and venues or events for the aim of live performance. How it works is quite simple. Venues – or organisers of an event – seeking a musical act for a particular opening they have send in the relevant information which will be posted as a listing on the Gig Center page.

Interested musicians can scroll through the listings and if a particular one interests them they click the Subscribe button which will send us a notification of interest, which we will then pass onto the relevant venue, along with the musician’s Dandin page.

Initially Gig Centre launches with listings in Egypt but listings for other countries in the Middle East will be added as they come in. It is our hope that this endeavour benefits both artists and encourages venues across the region to host independent musicians.

For venues and event organisers that would like to submit listings to Gig Centre, please send an email with all relevant information (date, location, nature of event, preferred genre) to either or For interested musicians please check the Gig Center page periodically.



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