Look Out For The Invisible Hands

The Invisible Hands is an Egypt-based band fronted by Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls fame.

We often speak of hidden gems in Cairo, places, nooks and crannies that are tucked away within the immensity of the city. It isn’t often you have a walking, talking hidden gem, but Cairo does sport such a thing in Alan Bishop, of Sun City Girls fame.

The Sun City Girls were an American experimental rock band that released 50 albums over two and a half decades and inspired a cult-like following as they forged down the music path less trodden. Bishop, a class act who exudes humility, luckily resides in Cairo for much of the year and keeps his hands full with numerous musical adventures, whether collaborating with the likes of Maurice Louca or with his own Egyptian-centric band The Invisible Hands.

The five-piece band includes four Egyptian musicians and vocalists along with Bishop and continue the same experimental rock themes so central to his musical career. The Invisible Hands have released two albums through Abduction Records, the latest one being Teslam. We’re happy to have a song from each album on Dandin as well as the two tracks from their debut release Insect Dilemma/Disallowed.

Hear The Invisible Hands on Dandin. 


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